Construction sector grew 14.3% in February

The important activity in self-construction, private and public projects, boosted the construction sector in Peru to grow by 14.3% in February, compared to February of last year. Peruvians' budgeting habits changed with the pandemic and led to more investments in improving and repairing their homes. That is also why the internal cement consumption grew by 16% in the same month.

Culture industry copyright contribution to Peru increased by 39% in 8 years

Industries related to Culture went from generating 13.4 billion soles ($3.57 bn) in 2010 to 18.6 billion soles ($4.97 bn) in 2018 thanks to copyright, according to Indecopi. This increase reinforces the importance of copyright in the protection and creation of Peruvian ideas' economic value. In addition, employment in the sector increased by 11% over the same period.