Green housing financial help represented a $2.3 mn investment in the first quarter of 2021

The Bono Mivivienda Verde, distributing green bonuses for buyers of eco-friendly housing that reduce water and electricity costs, reported that a total of 1,682 bonuses were given out during the first quarter of 2021, representing an investment of over 8.5 million soles ($2.34 million). This 5,100 sole ($1,400) subsidy to green building buyers can be added to the 10,300 ($2,836) to 24,600 ($6,774) soles from the Good Payer Bonus.

$137 mn San Juan wind power project receives final approval

The 500 million sole ($137.68 million) project to build the San Juan wind power station in Ica received the final approval from Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines and is thus expected to begin its construction in April 2022. The clean energy produced in this 131.1 MW plant should support the country's demand for electricity through the National Interconnected Electric System.