6,500 cheese factories operate in Peru

The Minister of Agricultural and Irrigation Development shared that Peru gathers 6,500 cheese production factories, from which 1,311 are concentrated in the region of Puno. These medium-sized, small-sized and artisanal factories produce around 65% of fresh cheese.

Peru receives new batch of 49,140 Pfizer vaccine doses

The government confirmed the arrival of a new Pfizer batch consisting of 49,140 doses, that will complement the 1.32 million doses already imported by Peru, and will be followed by the weekly reception of 200,070 doses. By the end of the current government's term, around 9 million people should be vaccinated and 90 million doses should be secured.

Government approves new scheme to ensure accurate measurements of greenhouse gas emissions

The National Institute of Quality, part of Peru's Production Ministry, approved a new ISO scheme that requires specific measurements of greenhouse gas emissions from companies in order to ensure the accuracy of their declarations. This initiative mainly targeting companies from the industrial, energy, agricultural, and tourism sectors, aims to make them gain market confidence and evidently participate in fighting climate change.

The upcoming government could help Peru secure $4 bn of investments in 2021

In the context of the upcoming Peruvian presidential elections, the discussion around candidates' potential to contribute to investments in the country has emerged. A study from Apoyo Consultoría found that opinions vary regarding different candidates' ability to manage private investment and that around $4 billion could be invested in Peru in 2021 with a trusted administration.