Peruvian Tourism Commission partners with the UK for Multisector Investment Forum

The 'Peru Day' Multisector Investment Forum to be held on 30-31 March will aim to strengthen the trade between Peru and the UK, as well as position Peru as an attractive and safe destination for British investment, by allowing project presentations and business opportunity evaluations. In the last 15 years, the UK invested $2,079 billion in Peruvian projects, mostly in the food, tourism and real estate sectors.

US donated PPE for 30,000 Peruvian Police members

US Ambassador to Peru donated personal protective equipment for 30,000 members of the Peruvian National Police in order to protect from COVID-19 infections during the upcoming election. The equipment includes face masks, surgical gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This donation complements the $30 million aid already provided by the US for Peru to fight the virus.

Dynacor to increase Peruvian plant capacity by 43% for $1.8 mn

The Canadian gold mining company Dynacor announced that it was starting to expand its Peruvian plant Veta Dorada with a $1.8 million investment. The gold production capacity will be increased by 43%, going from 300 to 430 tons a day. As a result of this consequent expansion, the company expects its sales to rise and exceed the $150 million figure originally predicted for 2021.