50,000 COVID-19 vaccines arrived from Pfizer

The first batch of 50,000 vaccine doses from Pfizer has arrived to Peru. The government had announced that at least 48 million doses would be administered throughout the vaccination process. Indeed, Peru has secured contracts with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, the COVAX Facility and Sinopharm to respectively deliver 20 million, 14.04 million, 13.2 million and 1 million doses.

107,000 temporary jobs to be created with new $55 mn investment

The Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion announced that its 'Trabaja Perú' programme will receive resources that will help create 107,000 jobs to fight unemployment and poverty in the country in 2021. Indeed, the programme's initial budget of 121.29 million soles ($33 million) and the transfer of 202.39 million soles ($55.12 million) should respectively generate 35,148 and 72,036 temporary positions.