Cusco becomes second region with most formalised mines

The mining formalisation process that began in 2015, experienced an acceleration in the last two years with the formalisation of 738 informal miners in 2019 and 2020. As a result, Cusco has become the second place in the country with most mining formalisation. This implies that more and more miners are following the law and fulfil the technical parameters and environmental standards to ensure adequate practices.

Peruvian e-commerce only operates at 60% of its capacity

The Peruvian Chambre of Electronic Commerce declared that government restrictions are causing e-commerce to operate at only 60% of its capacity. Therefore, it is asking the state to relax measures affecting e-commerce, by extending delivery to 24 hours a day for all sectors, not restricted to restaurants and pharmacies, as well as by removing delivery geographic limits.

Increase in electricity price could affect industrial sector prices

According to the National Society of Industries, the norm change proposed by the Committee of Economic Operation of the National Interconnected System, could negatively impact the industrial sector by increasing its electricity costs by 40% and therefore cause higher manufacturing costs. Peruvian households would thus be affected by food basket goods at higher prices.